Ignite Your SPARC: Unity, Growth, and Innovation


A Community Like No Other

In the ever-evolving world of education, auxiliary leaders often must navigate their roles single-handedly. The spirit of community that fuels the SPARC National Conference is here to change that. With the goal of fostering connection and support, SPARC brings together colleagues in the world of auxiliary education, transcending geographic boundaries to create a dynamic community united by passion and dedication.

“I keep coming back to SPARC because it’s just such a great group of colleagues, and this is the only conference that I go to where everybody does this type of work”.

Imagine a vibrant gathering of professionals, from those just beginning their careers to seasoned experts who’ve dedicated years to auxiliary leadership. By coming together, they’re able to engage in enriching conversations and share new ideas. Collaborations are born and lifelong friendships begin, encouraged by an atmosphere of innovation and camaraderie.


A “Mountain” of Learning

As the breezy winds and beautiful mountains of Scottsdale welcome you this October, you’ll join in an educational odyssey. The SPARC National Conference is the starting point that promises to accelerate your journey to auxiliary excellence.

Last year, SPARC’s attendees saw a wealth of learning opportunities, including expert-led sessions and roundtable discussions. Topics covered the spectrum of the auxiliary field: human resources, marketing strategies, business management insights, and technological advancements.

Together we addressed the wide range of responsibilities held by summer and auxiliary program leaders, including human resources, marketing, business management, innovation and entrepreneurship, programming, operations, technology, and more.”

This is your chance to add unprecedented value to your school and to the broader auxiliary community by becoming a thought leader in the field. Picture yourself returning, armed with actionable plans, ready to bring a wave of innovation and success to your programs.

Non-Tuition revenue is the pillar that sustains the growth and development of your school. By attending the SPARC National Conference, you take the opportunity not only to meet but to exceed your fiscal and enrichment goals.


A Picturesque Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

As an attendee, you can enjoy Scottsdale’s charm through a vibrant array of outdoor activities that complement the inspiring energy of the conference. It’s the ultimate combination of high-quality professional learning and relaxing recreation.

“There’s a lot of outdoor activities. I think that the kind of campy joy leaks into the conference itself. It’s a really upbeat vibe. It’s so much fun, and that’s why I keep coming year after year.”


A Call to Action: Your SPARC Adventure Awaits

If you’ve already begun your SPARC journey by registering, take the next step and secure your stay in Scottsdale. If you haven’t registered yet, the time is now. Join the SPARC community where learning and professional development thrive in an atmosphere of inspiration and innovation. We can’t wait to see you at the SPARC 2023 National Conference!