Meet the SPARC Team

Nat Saltonstall

Nat Saltonstall, Executive Director

Nat Saltonstall is a recognized leader in the field of independent school summer and auxiliary programming. Over the past 30 years, Nat has developed and directed high performing summer programs at multiple independent schools while also elevating the industry through his work on behalf of all schools. Nat is a frequent presenter on the topic of auxiliary programming at conferences and leads SPARC with the same enthusiasm that first inspired him to dedicate his career to independent schools.

Bob Rojee

Bob Rojee, Senior Advisor

Bob Rojee brings deep experience in youth development and auxiliary program management to SPARC. Having built successful auxiliary programs from the ground up at multiple independent schools, Bob understands the key ingredients to success in this unique field. Bob's particular areas of expertise include financial management, staff development, and program design. In his work with SPARC, he focuses on membership services, professional development, and advisory projects.

Karen McCann McClelland

Karen McCann McClelland, Senior Advisor

With over 30 years of experience in program design and implementation, Karen McCann McClelland brings a wealth of knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to the business and leadership of auxiliary programs. Karen has extensively presented and conducted workshops nationally on a variety of topics related to the profession and enjoys any opportunity to connect with professionals. She is a certified executive coach and loves working with individuals and teams to increase performance and fulfillment.

David Sullivan

David Sullivan, Senior Advisor

While David Sullivan has served on the faculty of independent schools for many years, his career in education began as a teacher at a summer program. Over his 35+ years in schools, including two decades as a head, David has successfully turned around struggling schools by improving programs and financial sustainability–especially through leveraging summer and auxiliary programs. A former Chair of an independent school accrediting association, David is interested in how organizations improve, clarify and attain strategic objectives, and develop leadership at all levels.

Jane Shiau

Jane Shiau, Operations Coordinator

Jane Shiau provides a deep level of support for SPARC’s infrastructure with over 15 years of experience in database and website management. Her unique blend of experience working for software companies and a regional accreditation association for independent schools balances her technical knowledge with an understanding of schools and school cultures. Jane has a passion for developing processes and helping organizations operate efficiently while remaining inclusive and accessible.

Amy Grier

Amy Grier, Communications Specialist

Amy Grier brings to SPARC twenty years of experience as a writer and editor. With advanced degrees in literature, writing, and language study, she has published and edited blogs, newsletters, professional resumes and cover letters, literary anthologies, and online magazines, as well as her own prose and poetry. Amy also has a degree in music education and has taught in private and public schools in the United States and Japan. Her strength is writing with clarity of meaning and purpose while always prioritizing reader engagement.