About Our Resources

SPARC offers industry-leading resources designed to advance innovation, management, and education in the auxiliary and summer programs profession.


Stay on top of the latest developments in the auxiliary world. SPARC News spotlights member school programs and leaders, as well as amplifies themes, trends, and happenings in auxiliary. Check out SPARC News.

SPARC Reports  (free access for Members)

Through ongoing research and relevant benchmarking data, our SPARC Reports enable auxiliary program leaders to make informed decisions. Reports include the annual SPARC Compensation and Position Report, School Store Operations, The Role of Auxiliary Programs in Independent School Admissions, and Trends in Summer Program Marketing. Members can access reports free of charge on SPARC Connect.

A select number of reports are available for purchase by non-members.

Career Center

The career center is open to all and supports efforts to find leading talent to fill auxiliary leadership needs. Job seekers will find the latest opportunities for career advancement and change. View the latest job postings.

The SPARC Effect

The SPARC Effect podcast, hosted by Travis Walker, is a platform for sharing insights, stories, and knowledge in a personal way with the broader community. The podcast is another way that SPARC fosters the collective voice of auxiliary and summer professionals.  Listen to The SPARC Effect.

SPARC Connect     (Members only)

SPARC Connect is the virtual platform for the SPARC community to engage in discussion, share information, and build connections and relationships. The collaborative peer-to-peer environment enhances communication in the field and accelerates professional development growth. SPARC Connect also provides a gateway to member resources: recordings, documents, and tools. Visit SPARC Connect.

SPARC Exchange

The SPARC Exchange is a monthly event to introduce business partners and showcase their programs and services. Business partners offer an importance resource to members looking to build capacity and improve management systems for program success.  SPARC Exchanges can be found on our Events Calendar.

SPARC Tools   (Members only)

SPARC offers a portfolio of tools, guides, and templates specifically for best practice management of auxiliary and summer programs. Tools include the SPARC Compass (enhanced calendar and planning tool), the SPARC Scorecard and Boston Matrix (program value assessment tool), program report and survey writing guides, and many more. View SPARC Tools.