SPARC Speaking Engagements


January 25

NBOA Webinar

Increasing Auxiliary Program Revenue Through Entrepreneurial Thinking, Karen McCann McClelland

February 15

SPARC Symposium

Transformative Participant Impact, Karen McCann McClelland

Multifaceted School Impact, Bob Rojee

 February 26

NBOA Annual Meeting

The Entrepreneurial Edge: Innovation and Opportunity, David Sullivan and Karen McCann McClelland 

February 28 

NBOA Annual Meeting

Business and Auxiliary Program Leadership: A Critical Partnership for Growth, Nat Saltonstall

February 28

NAIS National Conference

Leading from the Middle, David Sullivan

10-Step Process for Auxiliary and Summer Program Development, Bob Rojee and Karen McCann McClelland

March 11

Tri-State CAMP Conference

Independent School Meet-Up, Karen McCann McClelland

March 13

SPARC Auxiliary Revenue Summit

Nat Saltonstall, David Sullivan, Bob Rojee, and Karen McCann McClelland

April 8

AISNE 2024 Business and Operations Conference & Expo

Elevate Non-Tuition Revenue Generating Programs, Bob Rojee and David Sullivan

April 8

Joffe Emergency School Webinar Series

Ensuring Safety Beyond School Hours, Nat Saltonstall and Karen McCann McClelland

Interested in having SPARC present at a workshop or conference? We regularly partner with national associations, regional associations, and specific schools. For inquiries and more information, please contact Executive Director Nat Saltonstall.

Past Presentations:

  • Current Trends and Best Practices in Auxiliary Programs
  • A Small School Powered by Summer and Auxiliary Programs
  • Using Auxiliary Programs to Cultivate Community: 10 Critical Capacities
  • Non-Tuition Revenue: An Essential Component of Financial Sustainability
  • Increasing Auxiliary Program Revenue Through Entrepreneurial Thinking
  • Trends and Opportunities in SUmmer/Auxiliary Program Leadership
  • Head, Shoulders, Knees & GAMES - Experiential Learning Through Play
  • Enhanced Leadership: Essential Strategies for Auxiliary Program Management
  • SPARC 10 Step Process for Successful Program Development
  • Earn Your SPARC MBA (Master the Business of Auxiliary)
  • The Innovation Edge: Transformation Powered by Auxiliary
  • Optimization: When Strategy, Planning, and Action Come Together
  • A Leader’s Scrapbook: Models and Recipes for Leading, Learning, and Managing
  • How Is It Going? Measuring Made Easy
  • Take the Cool Kids Hat Off - Building Staff Culture to Achieve Amazing Results