SPARC Accelerator

The SPARC Accelerator is designed to support schools in reaching their strategic and program objectives with greater speed and quality than doing so on their own. Schools engage SPARC for an extended duration, usually 12 months, to provide the expertise, tools, and best practices that will achieve growth more effectively and efficiently. Each accelerator is customized and structured to meet the school's specific needs, By having an experienced team and extensive resources at your side, your own internal capacities and potential for success will be amplified multifold.

The SPARC Accelerator supports:

  • Alignment of strategic priorities and resources
  • Development of new programs or enhancement of existing ones
  • Transitioning to new facilities or an expanded campus
  • Targeted professional development growth and improved performance for auxiliary leadership
  • Organizational development to effectively support internal school relationships that advance auxiliary programming
  • Collaboration and teamwork across the auxiliary department
  • Implementation of best practices for management and program

For more information on how the SPARC Accelerator can benefit your school, contact Executive Director Nat Saltonstall at