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Our 30-minute online Boundary Training course is designed for independent school staff, including teachers, coaches, non-teaching and seasonal staff, and volunteers. It covers unintentional mistakes, misunderstandings, and the most serious boundary violation: misconduct. 

Our Safer Recruiting & Hiring Training teaches effective strategies to uncover the true character of candidates. It covers problematic hires, limitations of background checks, asking tough questions, social media's impact on candidate interviewing, body language, intuition, and reference checks. Learners gain critical insights to make informed hiring prioritize safety and align with the school's values. decisions that 

Our Chaperone Training workshop prepares chaperones to manage challenges on local, national, and international trips. We customize the training based on your school's culture, mission, and values, and provide best practices for trip preparation and managing unforeseen circumstances. The international component of our training covers dealing with foreign officials, managing danger, and emergency protocols. We also provide breakout sessions and specific questions for third-party contractors and tour guides.

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